Empowered to Connect Live Simulcast Conference April 7-8

When: Friday, Apr 7, 2017, 9:00AM - 5:00PM




North Platte



The Empowered to Connect conference is designed to help adoptive and foster parents, ministry leaders and childcare professionals learn to connect with children who have experienced grief or trauma - children who come, as Dr. Purvis says, from "hard places." The conference will offer hands-on, practical tips to engage with and support at-risk children - helping them heal.

Although this conference simulcast is open to anyone interested in attending - and we encourage you to invite your friends - it is ideal for foster or adoptive parents (or anyone considering fostering or adopting), social workers, agency professionals, child care workers, church staff and ministry leaders, counselors, therapists and any parent struggling to connect with their child.



For foster and adoptive parents - you will receive a certificate of completion at the end of each day. 

Right Turn, among other agencies in Nebraska (Holt International, The Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska and Lincoln Berean Church), is excited to partner with the Show Hope to present live simulcasts of "Empowered to Connect".  Empowered to Connect features practical teaching in a safe and supportive community as we work to equip families, churches, and professionals to better serve children impacted by adoption and foster care. It features Trust-Based Relational InterventionⓇ (TBRI) methods developed by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development, to help bring attachment and connection in families.. The two-day experience will be broadcast live throughout the U.S.  The live closed-circuit simulcast is being hosted in 6 locations across Nebraska.