Free Webinar - Respite Care: Challenging Behaviors in Children

When: Thursday, Feb 1, 2018, 11:00AM - 12:30PM
February 1, 2018 11:00 AM  - 12:30 pm   CST   (10:00-11:30 MST)          
Respite care providers report they are not well enough supported and lack adequate training to address challenging behaviors. They are not always sure where the behaviors come from or how to address or respond to the challenging behaviors. Participants in this free Webinar will learn practical strategies to address these challenges. Speakers will cover information related to a number of special health care needs across the disability and behavioral health spectrum. This webinar is part one of a 4-part Webinar Series that  will address these issues along a continuum of ages: Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Older Adults. 
Respite care is defined as short term or temporary care of a few hours or weeks for an individual with a disability or illness. It is designed to provide relief or “respite” to the regular caregiver.
Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how to analyze behaviors in children to identify the roots and triggers;
  • Differentiate behaviors that may be related to a mental health condition or a previous trauma;
  • Recognize how to prevent challenging behaviors and how to de-escalate when they do occur;
  • Discuss communication strategies with families that result in deeper understanding of child’s behaviors;
  • Develop strategies that lead to caregiver resilience and satisfaction.
  • Brian Tallant, LPC, Program Director, Intercept Director, Aurora Mental Health Center
  • Kate Loving, BCBA, Education Director, The Joshua School
  • Kristen Kaiser, MA, JFK Partners and The Joshua School
The intended audience for this Webinar Series is anyone who provides care for another individual, such as professional respite providers and family members. All are welcome!
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