Navigating the Sea of Social Security Benefits

When: Monday, Apr 11, 2016, (All day)

NAVIGATING THE SEA OF SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS: How to know when it is time to see a Benefits Counselor.  

This is a 2 week (5 hour) self paced online course of basic info regarding SS Benefits and knowing when it's time to see a Benefits Counselor.

 Begins April 11 - April 22, 2016.
REGISTRATION COST $49.00 (Must pay by Credit Card when registering)


Instructor: Ryan Neal - Certified level III Community Work Incentives Coordinator (CWIC)Facilitator - Darla Wilkerson/Owner of The CSI Network - 816-284-3224

FEATURING:  Online instruction with up to date information, self-paced during a two week timeframe and completion certificate equaling 5 ACRE approved completion hours of instruction and one-on-one assistance from facilitator.

Learning Objectives:
1. An overview of Social Security Benefits Program. The basics of Title II and Title XVI Benefits Programs
2. The Benefits Planning Query. What does it all mean?
3. Title XVI Supplemental Security Income (SSI) . How much can a person earn and not jeopardize their benefits?
4. Title II - Social security disability insurance (SSDI), Childhood disability benefits (CDB), disabled widow/widower benefits (DWB). How to navigate the system of Title II Benefits.
5. SGA and the title II work incentives - What factors go into making a decision that SGA has been achieved, and the potential pitfalls of the SSA System?

Designed for Employment Specialists, VR Counselors, Service Coordinators andothers who support job seekers in learning about the impact of work on SS benefits.  

NOTE: The course hours can count towards Missouri's DDD and MODVR requirements.