Webinar - Igniting Inclusion: Adaptions, Modifications & Supports for Success

When: Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016, 7:00PM - 8:30PM

This session will reveal concrete examples on HOW to include any child:

  • How to structure the environment
  • How to make changes to curriculum based on needs
  • How to prepare for behavioral concerns
  • How to apply these concepts to varied settings such as school, home, and the community
  • How parents can support inclusion for their child and partner with their schools for success

Presenter Lisa Wallace-Larkin, Inclusion Specialist with the Arc of Philadelphia,,
offers a unique skill set and perspective based on her experience as both an educator and a parent of a child with a disability. Her career as a special education teacher (public and charter) evolved into a passion for inclusive education when her son became school-age. Since then she has worked with Include Me From the Start as an Inclusion Consultant, is a parent consultant for Pennsylvania's Education for all Coalition (PEAC), and a member of the Philadelphia Right to Education Task Force.